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What happened to the intimate filming of Nahir Galarza, the most wanted sex video in Argentina

On June 11 Nahir Galarza entered angrily into the Gualeguaychú courtroom chaired by Judge Mauricio Derudi who is responsible for assessing that and later sentenced him to life in prison for killing bullets with nine millimeters his father watched over his girlfriend, Fernando Pastorizzo, I said shortly after the trial ended for prosecutor Sergio Rondoni Caffa that if they showed that video He will take his life. "They have embarrassed me, they rotten me"he is screaming.

They already showed another video about him with Pastorizzo that day lI hope the analysts of the Procuration of Entre Ríos and the Gendarmerie will test their iPhone 6 with more than 140 thousand messages between him and potential victims, there was something soft, also intimate, where Pastorizzo was filming I massaged her legs, I gave her a small dance covered with a towel.

But the problem is that video, found on a Motorola device that belongs to Pastorizzo, extracted from the cloud of your computer. Two and a half minute files, Nahir and Pastorizzo in the armchair of his house. The video and no more.

Juan Carlos Peragallo, the plaintiff in this case by Gustavo Pastorizzo, Fernando's father, was the person who discovered the video and He asked to be shown in court.

Is that a step to drop the defense strategy responsible for lawyers Horacio Dargainz and José Ostolaza, which shows that Nahir and Fernando were not even partners, delete the link image Which will guarantee lasting legal students in the aggravation of the Criminal Code? Or is that a drama to torture a 19-year-old woman who shows her sexuality, the urge to break it?

Peragallo might want to prove something: I knew that the video would take place at Galarza's house, in broad daylight, so that its existence can grind the story of defense. Prosecutor They knew about his whereabouts in front of the audience: Behran and Rondoni Caffa had seen him about three weeks before the trial after Peragallo found it. However, they decided not to ask for projections. Hugs and caress videos on iPhone are enough to accredit linkages, the sex scene at the victim Motorola is not proof of weight, it is not interested in the calculations of the Accuration accused, Nahir admitted to sexual contact in his statement.

If I say it, Why show?

The video was never shown in the courtroom, only a small screen capture is visible on the screen of the projector. At that time, Nahir became angry and entered the room to rebuke Rondoni Caffa, who did not even ask for the film to be displayed. Carlos Riera, a newspaper journalist That day from Gualeguaychú, He was present and reported his reaction.

And Argentina knows that. The video there is No one has it, but everyone wants to see it.

Search on, one of the most popular pornographic filming platforms on the planet, is forced label creation among national trends. Logically, the original video is not there, there is another fake who has the name Nahir, a girl in a jumper who is not Nahir, about another boy, a sex group in the dark, which piles up Total of 100,000 views for June 19, a little.

On July 4, Nahir was convicted by the court. That night also in Gualeguaychú, someone boasted that he had a video, canchereaba in the hotel lobby in the city of Entre Ríos with "pasarlo". But no one would accept it, they avoided the offer, it was a place of poison.

The next day, shortly after mid afternoon, the video was naturalized. And that's a furor. An unhealthy furor a pornographic piece that was not filtered by ex-girlfriends, but filtered from court files in the trial for one of the most serious crimes in the Argentine Criminal Code.

Today intimate video Nahir Galarza is still online on the main XXX video platform the planet. It was uploaded by 17 different users to one of these sites, more than 490 thousand views until the afternoon of Friday the 28th, almost a year after the assassination of Pastorizzo. On other XXX platforms accumulated 1.1 million views. The volume of traffic becomes much more ironic when you take it into account fake video that they have Nahir in the title with three times the number of penetration scenes. that file viralizations by WhatsApp in a group of men it becomes countless.

Florencia Zerdá, lawyer, member of the Feminist Lawyer Network, shows: "I think talking about & # 39; appearance & intimate video removes the responsibility of the person who broadcasts it, giving us the feeling that it appears with magic and that's not the case. The spread of intimate non-consensual material is a form of digital and responsible violence, it must be achieved, it is not yet a crime even though there is a project with half sanctions in the senate, but there are types of crimes or controversies that can be applied in each case, without reducing civilian actions. "

Zerdá continued his analysis: "In this particular case the construction of evil media made from Galarza was fed a terrible thing that still goes on about everything he does or doesn't do. He is presented as an object of consumption, young, middle class, blonde, skinny, bad, that's why intense search for videos. that dissemination of intimate material non-consensual has left many victims in the world, innumerable suicides, like the one that announced that he will do it if the video is broadcast. It was the spread of non-consensual intimate material it is in the framework of the file talking about irresponsible from the operator of Justice or parties that have access to the file. Machismo communities are reproduced in different regions, women as objects of consumption are in files or in other fields, unfortunately. "

Jorge Monastersky, also a lawyer, is a specialist in digital matters related to criminal law. Screening videos from files, maybe through one of the parties, makes them worry on time. "It will happen extract the testimony and ask the judge to investigate the leak. The records are for the parties, not for the public. And Article 53 of the Civil Code is clear. "

There is a procedure for asking sites to unsubscribe to material. "Be friendly", said the lawyer, "Likewise with search engines like Google." If they do not cancel, the cause of the damage is submitted. another measure to delete the person's name index with the site where the video is located ".

A source related to Nahir's legal strategy ensures that lawyer Dargainz make a presentation at some point this year so that the video is deleted from the network: Marcelo Galarza and Nahir confirmed the same thing from the Female Criminal Unit Nº6 from Paraná. "He is waiting for a resolution, now the exhibition arrives and everything stops", said the source, who refused to determine where the presentation was made.

that the same oral court that sentenced him to life He took another step. As soon as the video exploded on pornographic sites, the judges ordered it criminal investigation and other administrative investigations to determine who made the copy of the shoot and leak it. This route is simple: the video comes from the victim's Google Drive and a copy on a flashdisk or DVD will never be created. The question for the judges is who accessed Pastorizzo's cloud and extracted the information.

So far, according to judicial sources in Entre Ríos, criminal investigations have not produced positive results.

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