Friday , October 22 2021

We tell you how to find all the clown stalls at Fortnite


If you don't know where to find carnival clowns for this week's challenges, we tell you where to look

Rafael Maldonado

With arrival week 9 from Fortnite, this game presents a series of new challenges as part of the challenges needed to get the skin this season, this week we have asked something very strange: that we get a certain number of points in various standing clown carnival.

But if you don't know what this challenge is or how to deal with it, don't worry, we will tell you what to do. This challenge introduces a new one mini game, where we must destroy balloon that they leave the board, when you get 10 points, you have to find another entered.

Here you will find a carnival kiosk

Make sure you visit a different one post it, because playing more than once in the same position will not be taken into account in the challenge, even if you collect more than 10 points each time, so you have to go and find another location to face the challenge. If you don't know where this is post it we leave you a map with location.

This is the post you should look for

After you visit a few standing clown carnival the challenge will be completed, we suggest you try to make this challenge a team, so that someone takes care of your back when you destroy balloonAlso, because there are only four points on the map, you have to be fast so the storm doesn't eliminate you before.

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