Wanda Nara surprised everyone: she debuted as a singer and in Italian!


Wanda Nara surprise everyone in the last hour on social networks. This time the news has nothing to do with luxury vacations, gifts and moments shared with the family, but with new stage of the model.

Even though he took the first step as a driver, now Wanda was encouraged to go further and he debuted for the first time as a singere. The blonde gave herself the pleasure of recording her first song with Italian musicians Davide de Marinis in a studio located in Milan.

However, this data is not the only one, but we can also see the model on his Instagram account not only intoning a song dedicated to Inter, the club where Mauro Icardi played, but also in Italian

Song titled "Nerazzurri if nasce" It refers to the nickname owned by Inter Milan fans, which will be something like "The Negriazules", with the color of his shirt.


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