Wanda Nara poses sexy in the basement of her house, but a photoshop bug damages her photo


Wanda Nara once again on everyone's lips for their rude mistakes with photoshop. Now he is very sensual in the basement of his house, but the application plays very bad tricks on him. Her amazing dress is overshadowed by her "slip" and everyone tells.

The blonde poses next to the most beautiful wine with clothes for a heart attack. However, he was stung when he wanted to reduce the size of his legs and waist. Furniture and table support is disproportionate and it seems everything will fall.

In the face of criticism, Nara chose to block comments and not be bitter about what they would say. He just left a message published by the photographer: "Blonde, beautiful, smart and with champagne in hand, you can't ask for more".

The blonde escapes with a rough mistake with Photoshop.
The blonde escapes with a rough mistake with Photoshop.

This is not the first time he made a mistake like this. In October he "let go" of his elbow in a photo where he was surrounded by objects from Inter, the soccer team where he played, and a piece of paper passed.

Watch your elbow, Wanda!
Watch your elbow, Wanda!

At this time, the blonde was also involved in a family scandal. Her sister-in-law, Ivana Icardi, ran against her on social networks and even told her that she only cared about the money.

End of year movidito …


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