Villa Ballester: a 3 year old girl struggles for her life after being shot in an attempt to steal


That event happened around 18 at the Bahía Blanca and Bermejo crossroads, in the villa "La frog" from the city word from the party San Martin, where they circulated on the Renault Clio María Guilarte ship with their daughter.

According to a judicial and police spokesman, Guilarte drove to an emergency environment error while following your GPS indication and, when you reach that angle, It was intercepted by three criminals, who threatened him with firearms wanting to steal a vehicle.

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Given this situation, the woman accelerated the car's journey to escape from the place and one of the attackers made A shot that goes through one of the windows back and hit the girl's back, who was sitting on a safety seat.

Sources indicate that Guilarte immediately moved to the Belgrano hospital in San Martín, where surgery intervenes with the girl, then dropped him to Anchorena Sanatorium.

The three-year-old girl remained hospitalized in serious condition but "Stable", the informants added.

As for the gunmen, efforts were made to establish their identity on the basis of eyewitness testimony, even though the researchers stated that they were residents villa "the frog", so they are very sought after in the area.

Interventions in the investigation of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1 of the Ministry of Justice San Martin, which is responsible for Fabricio Iovine, are caratuló causes such as "robberies that qualify using firearms".


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