Video: violent attempt to steal the driver at Caballito – 11/27/2018


It was 43 seconds what took place during the attempted BMW robbery in the heart of Caballito.

The security camera on the block filmed the way the driver refused for counterattack and backward until the five criminals surrendered and fled.

Everything happened last Saturday, 17:17, at Thompson at 600, meters from Pedro Goyena avenue, where the building security camera filmed the entire sequence, which was broadcast by TN.

Criminals, who are five years old, are mobilized in the car. When it arrived at the corner of Thompson and Pedro Goyena, stopped braking to the white BMW, which was back, following its path.

At that moment from the four armed robbers down, while the driver is behind the wheel. Three criminals surrounded BMW while others aimed at him.

But the BMW driver began to retreat and move forward until the thief gave up the theft, they got into their car and ran away from the place.


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