Video: Two police officers filmed during sex in a patrol car – 12/27/2018


Two policemen from the province of Santa Fe were filmed by a neighbor while they were at a location sexual situation in a patrol car, in broad daylight and in service. Those involved are part of the Santa Fe Regional I (URI) Unit. The video circulated and reached the provincial authorities, who submitted "maximum sanctions".

David Reniero, Secretary of the Provincial Security Forces Control, pointed out that after identifying the personnel involved they went for "maximum sanctions". "We don't want this type of agent to apply," said the official, who also pointed to the person in charge of controlling the cellphone: "We must see whether it matches the criminal classification," the official said in the dialogue. with Air of Santa Fe.

The official considers that this type of situation "is the opposite places" with the place that has developed in the area and ensures that they will be "strong" in the decisions they make with the police involved in the scandal. "This is the opposite of what must be done," he said.

According to several publications, one of the troops will defend themselves via WhatsApp audio. "I clarified that they stopped doing puterío. My fee is passed for availability but hey, they didn't catch me stealing, "said the agent.


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