VIDEO: Three officers from the province of Buenos Aires were not satisfied by singing along with El Pepo songs against the police


"Verdicts are your job / killing poor people is your profession / and give rich people your protection / you will see / the bullet you throw will come back": That's the song known as Cumbia singer Pepo He sang with three Buenos Aires Police officers in a video that went viral.

Police officer Alan Daniel Pelozo, Ailen Ponce and Florencia Celeste Olmedo, who were affected by the Operative Sun in the city of Mar de las Pampas, filmed together Rubén Castiñeiras, known as El Pepo, traveled together and uniformed in his truck with two other civilians, without seat belts, while the singer sings songs against the troops and they laugh and celebrate.

After video rejuvenation, the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo, through the General Internal Affairs Audit which belongs to the Buenos Aires provincial Security Department, He ignored three officers who had just graduated from Julio A. Dantas Police School.

As the singer explained, police officers "hitched a ride" on Route 11 and he took it.

"We are in very good conversation about how they work and one day the subject of the film is called Alta Cumbia, where the theme was heard, "the singer said in an interview with the program Involved. "They asked me what the song was like and I sang it for them, I never did it in a mocking tone or I wanted to embarrass them on their own faces." He added: "I'm sorry, but I've never wanted to cause a problem."


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