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Very heavy allegations against officials defended by Julio Piumato – 12/27/2018

Officials of judicial power with him the leader of the judicial union Julio Piumato to request his release, he was accused of beating and verbally attacking a woman who parked her car in front of a handicapped road.

He also threatened the police officers who intervened: "Now I call Commissioner Ochoa and I have you kicked out, I work at the Ministry of City Security, jerk, "he told them.

City police arrested on Wednesday Vanesa Maida Bertelegni in Devoto district, which Thursday was charged with crime simple threats, minor injuries, damage and resistance to authority.

According to a statement from the Public Prosecutor's Office, the episode began when a 66-year-old woman was parked in front of a handicapped road in the corner of Francisco de Enciso and Asunción.

At that time, Bertelegni – according to witnesses' stories – began crashing into cars and drivers. He was accused "give a fist punch and fist in various parts of the body that cause bruising in the hands and on the feet at the same height ".

In addition, he bent the front and rear stops of the car. "How will you stop there, motherfucker? I'll kill you, I hope your children die of cancer"He is screaming.

When police officers, who wanted to prevent the beating, approached the officers who started beating their chests as well and threatening them: "I don't know how you work in the City Police, damn it, now I call Commissioner Ochoa and I want you to be expelled, I work at the Ministry of City Security, you jerk ".

This Thursday, Néstor Maragliano, who is responsible for the Office of the 25 Public Prosecutors, at the Criminal Prosecution, Law Offenses and Violations at the hearing, linked the facts and was tried.

According to the City's Criminal Procedure Code, detainees at flagrante delicto cannot be released to the police headquarters, and must appear before a prosecutor who has 24 hours from the time of arrest to resolve the prisoner's situation. During that time, the prosecutor's office was collected 21 items of evidence between witness statements, photographs and medical reports.

This Thursday, prosecutor Maragliano, who determined the release of Maida Bertelegni, was imposed as a restriction during the process, to refrain from any contact and in any way with the 66-year-old factual victim who was attacked.

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