Thursday , October 21 2021

Unhappy parties: Christmas products rose by 69 percent | Economy


This will be the end of the year party is thinner than usual on an Argentine table. The inflation, the unemployment and devaluation they are cocktails in 2018 an increase in poverty and the situation in households noted a strong depression family economy. Christmas products, in this context, are no exception.

According to a survey about Free Consumer NGOs, average products from Christmas baskets (sweet bread, chicken, cider, nougat and almonds) increased 29.5% in connection with last year

In some cases, even, the increase was recorded at 69 percent. Also, baskets of several large supermarkets rose by 53 percentage points.

In general, the evolution of prices of the 24 products that make up Christmas basket it is below the accumulated increase in general prices (39.5%) and far below the estimated inflation for the total this year, which will be between 45 and 50 percent.

Among the products that go up most are tuna in oil (69%), banana (66.67%) and kilo of chicken (57.89%). To be able to buy a total product, from Consumer Free estimates that an important amount must be distributed: 2,561 pesos.

In bothSweet bread rose by an average of 21.36 percent even though some brands soared it to 55.83 percent.

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