UIA against Mauricio Macri Government: "Internal market is destroyed"


Two leaders Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) today questioned the Government, given that administration let's change it does not impose a policy that "promotes the sector". On the afternoon of yesterday, the UIA Study Center has disseminated analysis of its activities in accordance with November 2018. According to this document, this industry dropped 9.4% YoY in the eleventh month last year.

Angry with the situation experienced by factory activities in Argentina, a member of the UIA, José Urtubey, giving radio interviews to the program Advertised Chronicle, where he stated: "We are today six points below 2015. And 2019 will not be better, the economy will go down and the industry will also"

On the other hand, the brother of governor Salta claimed: "This must increase productive credit, policies for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and reduce the tax burden"

Besides that, he made a difficult description of when this country lived: "That could be expected to be the fall of the industry, due to the high level of financing, tax pressure and internal market destruction"

Other members of the UIA Board of Directors who did not criticize criticism of the Government were national representatives for the Renovador Front. José de Mendiguren. "I feel like we will use Titanic and the government believes that icebergs will sink", example.

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In another explanation metaphor for this situation, De Mendiguren considers that nothing is recovering "At a company funeral, they stab life conservationists"Therefore, legislators are asking the government to do it"180 degree change in economic policy"

"This economic model is like that of José Martínez de Hoz and one Domingo Cavallo. This is a model that brings us back to the 19th century"he complained.

Besides saying that this government "does not think about" national development, De Mendiguren added: "They came to guarantee the capital business and capital flight were a record. Today Argentina is a country that exports savings and imports debt. "


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