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Two bus drivers were arrested for driving after drinking alcohol

A driver on double track 2 and two bus drivers, one in town Salta and one more at route 14, captured in the framework Breathalyzer surgery is carried out by the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation.

The first operation was held on Saturday at 22.45 on the peak of the toll Hudson, where agents of the National Road Security Agency (ANSV) they pay attention to the presence of drivers who carry out dangerous maneuvers, so they gave a warning and went looking for a driver to stop him.

After requesting appropriate documentation, they carry out a breathalyzer test that gives positive results with graduation 2.32 g / l., when legally the maximum allowed to drive is 0.5 g / l. After the level of alcohol in the driver's blood is detected, hold the SIM and kidnap it.

Meanwhile, this Sunday, in another operation with the presence of agents of the National Commission on Transportation Regulations (CNRT), two bus drivers were arrested and he also gives positive blood alcohol control.

One occurs at the Salta Terminal and the other at Kilometer 480 from National Route 14.

From their portfolios they insist that "driving under the influence of alcohol causes the speed of reaction and distortion in vision to disappear".

In addition, they stated that "these substances produce sleep, fatigue and produce effects on coordination and attention, and increase the time it takes for someone to decide what to do or when to act, a situation that significantly increases the risk of suffering road incidents".

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