Tristán spoke and told him what really happened in his apartment in Recoleta


The actor told his version of the fact and said that it did not happen. What did he say? What really happened?

Tristán is the protagonist of a sad and confusing episode which, according to reports, he will barricade himself in his apartment in Recoleta and threaten his son with weapons.

The actor broke the silence and spoke at Tomorrow Sylvestre, on Radio 10 and told how he was doing.

"It was a family discussion, I was not entrenched and I did not have a weapon, I just checked the police staff," Tristan said injured by a painful situation.

As had happened, the actor blocked himself at the address located on Berutti road to 2300 and, after strong discussion, had threatened his son Federico with weapons.

"I had a fight with my child, a family problem, he decided to go to his mother's house with another brother – who was not his son -", said the actor in telephone communication, when he was seen by doctors.

"I don't have Alzheimer's problems," he said when asked about health problems and insisted: "It was a family argument, a barricade, no, I closed the door of my house, I had no weapons, I only checked police staff and I had no weapons.


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