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Toluca destroyed al Morro Garca

Negotiation between Toluca and Santiago Morro Garca They end in the worst way. The Uruguayan has a leg on the Mexican team that even made an official announcement of the player's purchase, even though the attacker still did not sign his contract with the Aztec players. Now, the players who play in the highest soccer category in the country despite their communication errors and are destroyed become the top scorers Godoy Cruz.

The Aztec team made a short statement giving small details about how negotiations were conducted. On December 23, 2018, there was a closed and confirmed agreement between Deportivo Toluca Ftbol Club and Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz (Argentina), for sale for sure Santiago Daman player Morro Garca, initiated the statement of the Mexican player.

Documents made by the Mexican team continue to detail how the negotiations took place. The agreement was confirmed by Deportivo Toluca FC by the player himself, who expressed his gratitude, excitement and enthusiasm and also confirmed all this with the president Godoy Cruz, Jos Mansur, "said the official statement.

On December 29, 2018, Deportivo Toluca FC stated that, because it did not comply with the ethical and behavioral rules set by the institution, players would not be part of the club ", concluded Toluca's strong statement. In this way, Mexicans considered the negotiations closed .

Desire Morro Garca is to live in Mendoza. On repeated occasions players showed that in Cuyo province he found comfort that he had not yet gotten elsewhere. However, leadership Tomba he would not be interested because he continued to wear the Mendoza club jersey. In fact, negotiating with La Plata students they will advance and the final Superliga scorer will be able to reach Pincha in a smaller amount than expected.

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