Three asteroids pass "close" to Earth: NASA – NSS Oaxaca


However, he highlighted three reasons not to worry about the event; one of them is that they will go further than the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Data from NASA shows that three asteroids will pass Earth this Saturday, but we don't need to worry. Mankind is in danger, said Portal Science Alert specifically.

To ease the fears of its readers, the media explained the reason why this incident did not cause fear.


Celestial objects codenamed 2018 VS1, 2018 VR1 and 2018 VX1 will pass near Earth. Of course, & # 39; close & # 39; in cosmic terms. Thus, according to predictions from American aerospace institutions, the first two will be far more than the average distance between Earth and the Moon (384,400 kilometers).

The 2018 VS1 asteroid will be at the closest approach to Earth at a distance of 3.62 lunars, while 2018 VR1 will be even further: around 13.19 months distance. Only 2018 VX1 will pass a little closer than our satellite: at a distance of 0.99 lunar.

Even though on a terrestrial scale this distance seems very large, in the cosmic world they are considered small.

According to NASA calculations, any object that is less than 140 meters is not considered potentially dangerous. According to this scale, the asteroids that will spend this weekend with us are really harmless.

2018 VS1 size is between 13 and 28 meters wide, while 2018 VR1 asteroid is between 14-30 meters wide and 2018 VX1, from 8 to 18 meters.

Something similar has just escaped attention
An asteroid has just passed near our planet and we haven't even realized it. This is 2018 VA2, which is 10-23 meters wide, passes at dawn this Friday (01:01 GMT) to 1.87 distances of the Earth's moon. And nothing happened. This planet continues with its normal life.

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