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THQ Nordic will return 2 beloved franchises

THQ Nordic has managed to save THQ's property, but is involved in uncertainty after the last company went bankrupt. As a result, we have seen continuation, for example, from Darksiders and several reprints of the previous iteration series that debuted in the last generation. Apparently, THQ Nordic wants to keep giving approval to fans, because today we know that it has big plans for E3, which includes the disclosure of 2 new games that will bring back the franchise that the players really like.

According to information from GamingBolt, THQ Nordic revealed that he would bring 2 unannounced games that belonged to a charming franchise. Both registers appear with the title "translate" "Nordic THQ Game that has not been announced at E3".

In the first case, it is read in the description that the name of the remake cannot be known, but it is said to be "the return of the desired Galactic game / franchise".

As for other entries, Nordic THQ mentions that you cannot make an official game title, but like the first, it is a shipment that you definitely want to know. In addition, he described the title as "a new vision of a charming game / franchise".

In none of the 2 presentations that will be present, the participants have the opportunity to capture footage in the game or record with a camcorder, or a playable demo is not available. However, THQ Nordic will provide catches of videos from unedited gameplay.

Even though the name of this title was not revealed, fans began speculating about the return Time finder, remember that last year this company obtained rights to the trilogy and that some members of Koch Media, its subsidiary, wanted to return it. On the other hand, there are those who hope for reinvention Red Faction.

For now it's only speculation, but there are only days left to find out what Nordic THQ is doing. Remember that here at LEVEL UP, you can tell yourself at all times announced at E3 2019. If you want to prepare yourself, you can consult the information that has been revealed regarding the edition of this big event. Meanwhile, we leave you with a test image (via GamingBolt)

Upcoming Nordic THQ game
Upcoming Nordic THQ game

And you, what do you think traits that will come out of oblivion? Are you happy with this announcement? Let us know in the comments.

In information related to Nordic THQ, an online store recently revealed that Biomutant can on the way to the Nintendo Switch and that too Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition I will arrive at the hybrid console. You can find more information about Nordic THQ if you click on this link.

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