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This number is still in GNC | From the beach Saturday …

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will experience a 14.3 percent increase in the City of Buenos Aires as of December 1. Thus, cubic meters will go from 14 pesos to 16. In this way, CNG will have accumulated a 65 percent increase this year, along with gasoline and diesel.

This increase was related to the increase in gas prices at the wellhead. This is the biggest increase since 2002. Earlier this year, the cubic meter price was at 9.65 pesos. In the City of Buenos Aires the value of CNG is 55 percent cheaper than liquid fuels, a difference that is not maintained throughout the country.

The highest value is found in Santiago del Estero: 23.15 pesos is the price of cubic meters. Meanwhile, Chubut already has the value that will rule in Buenos Aires starting next Saturday. Despite the increase, the conversion rate of gasoline cars to CNG is maintained. The year-on-year comparison for October showed growth of 71.3 percent.

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