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This is how the "brain" of the most powerful computer gamers in Argentina works – 12/29/2018

Like every year, Intel and AMD, two of the most important processor manufacturers for consumer computers, are updating their chip lineup to improve productivity tools, applications and video games. Although there are models that are a little stronger and stronger, designed for enthusiastic or corporate segments, in this review we focus on analyze the two most powerful CPUs for consumerss, Intel Core i9-9900K (9th generation) and AMD Ryzen 2700X, available on the Argentine market.

CPU is empty

If there is something that has been upgraded by the processor in the last time, in addition to working speed and new technology support (USB 3.1, faster network connections, support for new generation cards and peripherals), that is energy consumption and temperature. For this reason, Intel and AMD work from year to year to produce CPUs with a lower manufacturing process, producing chips that are less heat and spend less energy.

In terms of design, i9-9900K and Ryzen 2700X have the same size as the naked eye. However, as shown in the photo, the Intel chip does not carry a contact pin on its body, because it is located in the motherboard socket, where the CPU is placed. In the technical part, the Core i9 is produced in 14 nm and carries 8 physical cores, 16 processing threads, at base speeds of 3.6GHz and turbo 5.0GHZ, with 95W (TDP) consumption. For its part, Ryzen 2700X is 12 nm, with 8 physical cores and 16 processing threads, at 3.7 GHz and turbo 4.3 GHz, with consumption of TDP 105 W.

Material for gamers

The recipe for using both processors is simple. Most importantly, besides having a cabinet to store all the hardware, the power supply is at least 500w real (if possible to be certified 80 Plus) and, of course, a hard drive or SSD (solid state drive) to store content and operating systems, is to have a motherboard that is compatible with this chip and DDR4 RAM (we recommend that they have 3000 MHz and above, to have better performance). In the case of Intel CPUs, the compatible motherboard model is Z390, while AMD chips require X470.

Processor. AMD Ryzen 2700X (right) vs. Core i9-9900K.

Processor. AMD Ryzen 2700X (right) vs. Core i9-9900K.

It is important to mention the hardware used for testing is high-end, because both chips need strong components to take advantage of their technology. To turn on the Intel CPU, we installed the MSI Z390 Gaming EDGE AC motherboard, 16 GB DDR4 RAM HyperX Savage 3000 MHz, solid state drive 480 GB RGB Fury (here we installed Windows 10 Pro), Seagate IronWolf 10 TB hard drive (games and applications ) and Corsair H100i Pro coolant. While with AMD chips we use the same configuration, but the motherboard chosen in this case is ASRock Taichi X470. On both PCs, the board used is the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with 11 GB of video memory.

Guaranteed comfort

Computers with these characteristics, although very strong for doing 3D rendering work, graphic design, among others, designed to play everything new, in the maximum configuration possible. That is, you can choose, for example, 4K resolution, maximum light, shadow, and reflection details, with exceptional fluidity in game movements and without regard to loss of performance.

Both the Core i9-9900K and Ryzen 7 2700X provide the same performance in playing games and, when combined with a middle to upper graphics card, you can experience 60 frames per second that you have to play properly. . Even though that's true Intel CPUs, in some cases, are slightly faster than AMD, the price is also higher, so the choice of each chip can be according to taste and bag. That is, AMD CPUs are a very attractive and economical choice.

Battlefield V. The first action game was tested in 4K resolution, with ultra graphics (without DRX technology enabled) and showed a speed of 82 frames per second with Intel Core i9-9000K.

Battlefield V. The first action game was tested in 4K resolution, with ultra graphics (without DRX technology enabled) and showed a speed of 82 frames per second with Intel Core i9-9000K.

In tests carried out by Clarin, Intel Core i9-9000K, accompanied by RTX 2080 Ti video card (one of the fastest and most expensive on the market), can run the game Battlefield V in 4K resolution, with ultra graphics (without DRX technology enabled) at a speed of 82 frames per second (FPS). For its parts, Ryzen 7 2700X runs the same game, with the same configuration, at 74 FPS. When activating DRX (a light tracking technology that supports NVIDIA's new RTX graphics and, for now, Battlefield V) the results dropped to 36 FPS with i9 and 29 FPS with Ryzen 7.

Others games that require fewer requirements as Fortnite, for example, they work very well with both processors. In the case of Intel i9 and RTX 2080 Ti, the popular Battle Royal ran, in Full HD resolution and Ultra graphics, at 200 FPS; while with Ryzen 7, in the same configuration, it works at 195 FPS. In AAA games, like Shadow of The Tomb Raider, the situation is similar, although this time he won the AMD processor the winner. In the maximum configuration, but in Full HD resolution, this game works on 132 FPS, while with i9-9900 running at 125 FPS. In both cases it is a figure that is not visible to the naked eye.

Overcoming graphic limits

To get more of these two animal processors and the new NVIDIA graphics card, one of the largest monitors in the world, is curved, with an ultra wide screen, where a deeper visual experience is used. We are talking about Samsung CHG90 QLED 49 ", available in Argentina, similar to the ultra wide curved model that LG will present at the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It aims to become a new trend on the screen.

With this monitor, which shows images at a resolution of 3840×1080, which makes the videogame environment wider (in FIFA, for example, you can see two areas) they are Core i9-9900K and RTX 2080 Ti processors reaching speed in FIFA 19 of 120 FPS, while with The game Ryzen 7 2700X runs on 140 FPS. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with the same ultra resolution and quality (the environment looks impressive), the Core i9 reaches 93 FPS, while the Ryzen 7 reaches 90 FPS.

Which one should you choose?

As we say, it all depends on the taste and availability of the economy. For example, the Intel Core i9-9900K is available in this country with an estimated AR $ 29,000-. This is a CPU that, accompanied by a good video card, improves the game well, works at a maximum temperature of between 60 and 70º (does not carry a cooler, so you have to buy an external cooler) and is very efficient for people who want to do rendering tasks and edit video.

For its part, Ryzen 7 is a performance that is slightly less in this type of task, although to play very similar to Intel, it's cheaper (achieved in Argentina at an estimated AR price of $ 20,000.) And includes a factory cooler that keeps it fresh, reaches temperatures between 50 and 70º.

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