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This is an application that must be removed before 2019 – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

It is a tradition on December 31 to set goals for the following year. Almost everything is almost the same: lose weight, develop, eliminate bad traits, etc.

But it is also necessary to focus on digital habits that may be more dangerous than good. Once identified, each user can feel free to eliminate it before toast which starts in 2019.

Pressing application

Researchers have known for years that social networking is addictive, because our brains give us dopamine doses every time we have new "likes", messages or friendship requests. But, regardless of quality makes us feel good, there is plenty of evidence that social networking actually causes depression, especially in adolescents and young adults.

The reason for this is that people "edit" a lot of their life information when communicating through social networks. That makes us believe that the lives of our friends are far more romantic, accomplished, and better in general than us. This makes you think that something is wrong or something is missing in your life and that it can cause depression.

So get rid of social media applications that can make you feel good for a few seconds but ultimately make you feel worse. The worst in this case are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. And, as an added bonus, get rid of FaceTune. Nature doesn't want you to look like a faded mannequin and people don't think your friends who use it look better than you.

Tracking Application

We all have stalkers who follow us everywhere. They are called applications and they have access to our location data every time they want to see where we are. If someone does that, we will say that it is scary (and we might call the police). So, why allow the application to do it?

The worst are applications like Foursquare and Google Maps. Yes, they need to know their location to function, but they don't need continuous access to that information. For example, on Google Maps you can turn off constant tracking. But Google has a dozen ways to encourage it to reactivate. Another very frequently used application that permanently tracks your location is GasBuddy and now, alarmingly, is looking for more information.

Application that claims to protect your privacy but not

Almost 2019 and everyone must use a VPN (virtual private network, according to its acronym in English) to protect their privacy online. However, you get what you pay for and if an application says it offers a free VPN, maybe it's best to leave it alone. Why Because it has been found that many free VPN applications provide search history and their data to anonymous companies in China. And most other free VPNs will sell their data to advertisers and companies mining data to make money.

The very popular free VPN application is Onavo Protect, which is owned by Facebook. Although this application allows you to hide your personal browsing history from your Internet service provider, you can forward all your online activities through a Facebook server, which gives companies access to them.

Apple became very upset with the Onavo Protect Facebook maneuver, forcing the company to remove the application from the store this year (Android is still available).

In short, you must use a VPN application, but not one free application. Need to pay a few pesos a month to have real privacy.

Applications that turn you into a product

Remember that if you don't pay for online applications or services, you might not be a consumer. Instead, you are the product. The company makes it a product by gathering as much information about you and packaging it for sale to advertisers or other people who want to know about you.

After all the scandals with the data we saw in 2018, why do we still allow these companies to collect data without restrictions? The worst companies in this case are Facebook and Google. It started with the Facebook and Google applications. But the same thing happens to other people. For example, Facebook Messenger is one of the few messaging applications that don't encrypt your messages if you don't order them, allowing companies to read them freely and guide you to notifications based on your conversation. And when you use Google Chrome, it allows Google to track your online activities.

Application that wastes your time

Finally, 2018 is a year in which the masses begin to pay attention to how much time they spend on their cellphones. This year, Google and Apple are adding resources for time management to Android and iOS that show how much time you lost with any application.

Even though everyone has a certain set of applications where he loses too much time, there are some applications that are common to all. Games like Fortnite, Candy Crush and Pokémon Go are very addictive, as well as other applications on this list, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. And don't forget Tinder, a dating application that turns everyone into a available commodity.

Do you really need to spend an hour every day to find out what is happening with strangers or are you going to start your new year better if you spend more time fixing existing relationships and connections?

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