"This court decision will be a precedent for the future" | Chronicle


By Gabriel Arias

"I am convinced that this court ruling will be a precedent for the future, and it is a great joy to be able to share the first three months of my life with my spouse and baby." Owned phrase Malena Díaz Reck, a nonpregnant woman who will have children in mid-January, and after the legal presentation that Buenos Aires justice determines that the provincial government must provide a 90-day leave for maternity at a fee, is that in principle they offer a three-day license.

This story stars Malena who worked at the Provincial Collection Agency of Buenos Aires (ARBA) for several years, and after several fertility treatments with your partner, Natalia Pagano, both receive the good news that they will become mothers in January (the 16th has a date to receive Bruno)

However, happiness was not completely complete because when they started the procedure to get their license, Malena was told that because she was not a pregnant woman, they could not give her 90 days of leave regulated by law. Article 43 of the civil service law (Law 10.430) stipulates that "License to get pregnant, father and feed and care for children, provide 90 days for female staff and 3 days for men", although there is no separate index that talks about non-pregnant mothers.

After this news was known and while the pregnancy was normal, Malena surrendered in August to her employer because of licensing problems, because she did not have a specific response, she went to the court to submit her case and after several months of waiting, the same sentence was imposed for her and now the country part of Buenos Aires must give 90 days of leave for the two women to fight for.

"I found out yesterday at noon when I was working, I started crying, I was excited and now I realized how important that failure was, because I would be able to attend for three months with my daughter", said Malena excitedly talking with Chronicle.

"I think that to achieve this, it made a great campaign that we did with various social and political organizations, and the debate that we did not only because of my case, but also to fight for an extension of paternity, something we hope to achieve in the future" , he added.

Consult about what will happen if failure is detrimental, prospective mothers, who are from the city of La Plata, argue that "We will appeal and continue to struggle with the Pan y Rosas Association to reach the end, and finish this as it did." This decision is related to the struggle he has from hundreds of signatures in the petition for the great support of many people and organizations, I am very happy and now I will be able to enjoy the baby. "


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