They will give Jaime Torres the last goodbye at the Chacarita cemetery


Jaime Torres, a folklorist, one of Argentina's famous musicians, died on Monday at the age of 80 at the Favaloro Foundation, after several days in hospital with a coma. The family asked his followers to give the last goodbye on Wednesday. The funeral procession will depart at 11:30 from "Casa O & # 39; Higgins", which is located at 2842 O & # 39; Higgins Street, in the Nuñez neighborhood, and will arrive at 12 at the Chacarita Cemetery, where the family will conduct the ceremony.

"We will say goodbye to the great musician with applause and beats from what he likes most and for what he best gives in this world: music, thanks to the humble man who brought the art of his people and charango to the world, "His family said in his followers' open invitation.

This artist was born on September 21, 1938 in San Miguel de Tucumán. From a very young age he became interested in music, especially Charango. His particular style took him to play in the most important stage in the world. In 1974 he participated in the opening ceremony of the world soccer championship in Germany.

His role was very important in the original recording of the Criollo Mass by Ariel Ramírez, in 1964, and the next European tour. In 1972, together with his group, he participated in the film "Argentinísima I y II". At the same time he appeared at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and performed in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2013 popular charanguista He was declared a Leading Citizen in the City of Buenos Aires by the Buenos Aires Legislature. Two years later, the Konex Foundation awarded him Special Attention to Trajectory for his invaluable contribution to Argentine popular music. The famous folklorist gets a big impact on the world level with his expertise with charango.

He was also interested in other styles and came to share the stage with Divididos, in a trio presentation at Luna Park, in 2000, with an emotional interpretation of "Qué ves?".


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