They need preventive measures to avoid spreading hantavirus in prison


that Provincial Memory Commission (CPM) request precautionary measures to avoid transmission hantavirus in prison and comisaras from Buenos Aires Province. From the agency it has denounced their concerns about "the presence of mice and lack of cleanliness" in the field of detention.

In the midst of the plague hantavirus which hit in various parts of the country, from Provincial Memory Commission They asked the Ministry of Security, Justice, Health, and the Niez and Youth Provincial Agency to coordinate preventive measures. The aim is to prevent the spread of the virus in prisons, commissas and closed centers for young people, and neuropsychiatric patients from Buenos Aires.

"In daily inspections of confinement sites, CPM has noted with much concern the presence of mice and the lack of cleanliness of the space where prisoners are placed, two problems that make these places very favorable for disease propagation," they said in a statement.

Within the framework of the task of control and monitoring carried out by the agency, they warned that conditions of detention were "burdensome" in various dependencies, which "doubled the possibility" of spreading certain diseases. In that sense they stated as "the general nature" of the presence of rats in the detention area.

The Commission expresses their concern to holders of four portfolios so that different preventive initiatives are available to prevent transmission and its spread, including requiring "structural cleansing steps and derating" dependence, "where the risk of infection is far more serious."

This Friday, fifth case of infection in the province of Buenos Aires and the alarm sounds. He is a 40-year-old man, a native of the town of Berisso, who remains cared for at the San Martn de La Plata Hospital. So far there have been twelve deaths from viruses: 10 in the cities of Chubut, Epuyn, one in Salta and one in the Entre Ros.


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