Thursday , May 6 2021

They moved the remnants of federal police killed in the attack

Remnants of Pablo Ariel Rebollo, corporal Federal Police were killed with shots in the mouth when he would begin control operations in the capital city of Tucumán and was attacked by two criminals, moved yesterday to land in Formosa, his home province.
Those in uniform died after suffering almost all day, until the doctor determined the death of his brain, so his relatives decided to donate their organs.
The remnants of Rebollo were veiled in a room in the capital Tucumán, where his colleagues from the Federal Police respected him, after which they were transferred to Formosa, where he was a native.
The uniformed procession was escorted to the outskirts of the city by two bikers from the Traffic Directorate and two patrol cars from the Federal Police.
In Formosa, Rebollo will be buried tomorrow with all his honorary titles during actions that will have the presence of the head of the Federal Police and representatives of the Ministry of National Security, as reported.
The event took place on Thursday afternoon on Avenida de Circunvalación, between the streets of Cuba and Guatemala, in the neighborhood of La Costanera, the complex area of ​​the capital Tucumana, where Rebollo, along with his colleague Damián Gallicchio, were preparing to board control operations.
When Rebollo released the police cellphone to place a suitable refractory cone on the asphalt, he was intercepted with a clear robbery by two people riding an armed motorcycle.
According to sources, the police identified him and one of the criminals shot him in the mouth.
Companion Rebollo, who climbed into the police car, after realizing the facts began shooting and killing one of the criminals and injuring another.

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