Thursday , October 21 2021

They kidnapped five tons of marijuana at Zárate-Brazo Largo – El Eco


The drug was transported in a truck to the city of General Rodriguez from Brazil.

Cargo, which was valued by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security at 65 million pesos, was found hidden among the cargo of transport wood, whose driver was imprisoned, and other large vehicles supporting it.

The operation called the "Phantom truck" began after a call was made to 0800 complaints about the trade and marketing of drugs and began to be deployed last weekend, by monitoring the shipment of marijuana that had left South Brazil.

The investigation determined that, after passing through Corrientes and Entre Ríos, the cargo had to be stored in a warehouse in the area of ​​General Rodríguez, sources consulted explained to Télam.

On the orders of Campana Federal Judge Adrián González Chavay, member of the Moreno-General Illegal Drug and Organized Crime Delegation Rodríguez intercepted both shots when he traveled on National Route 12, at the height of the Zarate Brazo Largo bridge, about 90 kilometers from Bell.

The sources explained that when they began to look for the transportation they made, the one was empty, while the other carried a shipment of wood, in the middle five thousand kilos of marijuana was disguised.

After the discovery, the driver of the two shots, aged 32 and 27 years, was arrested and transferred to the police station to be investigated by Federal Judges.

Official praise

Yesterday morning, when giving details about the operation at the Buenos Aires Police Strategic Coordination Center in La Matanza, provincial Minister of Security, Cristian Ritondo, praised the actions of judges and police who intervened.

"This procedure is another blow that we gave in the fight against drug traffickers. After a large follow-up work, the provincial police managed to intercept two trucks from Brazil," said a provincial official.

And in detail: "In reviewing them, the officers saw that in one of these were drugs that were hidden, while the others were busy spreading attention to the controls on the route as ghosts."

The minister explained that since his administration began, they had seized more than 60 tons of marijuana, that is, "sixty percent more than during the previous administration."

"This shows that this is our management's commitment to provide the tools needed for those who look after us. We don't live in advertisements but from the first day we fought for the safety of the people of Buenos Aires along with Governor María Eugenia Vidal and President of the Nation, Mauricio Macri, and in a procedure like this, you can see the results, "said Ritondo.

"The war against drugs belongs to everyone and everyone; for young people who are the future of this country and for mothers who do not want their children to fall into the lash," concluded the minister at the operation presentation, which was attended by the Provincial Police Chief Buenos Aires Aires, Commissioner General Fabián Perroni. (Télam)

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