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They kidnapped 1,180 kilograms of marijuana destined for Mar del Plata, Pinamar and Villa Gesell

More than one ton of marijuana that comes from Misiones and as the purpose of its distribution on Atlantic Coast intercepted by the Buenos Aires provincial police in the field of General Rodriguez. There were four prisoners and three vehicles were hijacked.

This large operation is carried out by Special Unit personnel to Combat Drug Trafficking, which depends on Superintendence of Narcotics Abuse Investigation and Organized Crimeafter the investigation begins at October This year. According to this question, the focus is on two men who sell narcotics "retail" in "El Cañón" and "Las Flores", both of them are from Moreno.

Investigations rely on tapping customers on behalf of these individuals, which makes it possible to determine that the suspect is planning transport important shipments of bricks or sativa marijuana bread from Misiones with the final destination in the seaside towns of Mar del Plata, Pinamar and Villa Gesell, where it will be marketed for consumption, taking advantage of the biggest movements for the summer.

After the operation was confirmed, the judge who intervened was told that he had decided to intensify work to detect the arrival of vehicles carrying drugs. With data collected, large operations were deployed in the last few hours, finding the wheel investigated inside a field located on Route 24 at an altitude of Km 8 from the game General Rodríguez.

Buenos Aires agents conducted a search there, where they arrested the four drug smugglers and confiscated them 1,180 kilos in marijuana bread. Renault Fluence, Fiat Palio Fire, and Toyota Hilux, 1125 caliber pistols, cutting elements and presses were also hijacked on the spot.

UFI N ° 1 The Department of Justice Moreno-General Rodríguez intervened in this case.

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