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They investigated the person responsible for the first case of human genetic editing

The university where he worked suspended him and had asked for an explanation of the scope of his research. The Shenzhen City medical ethics committee has also begun to internalize the case.

Chinese scientists who announced the existence of the first genetically engineered humans were in trouble. Jiankui He He has been criticized by the scientific community, which still has extreme prudence and ethical attitude about the techniques used. Now the university where he works and the local medical ethics group is starting to investigate.

The Shenzhe University of Science and Technologyn not yet slow to take action and suspend without payment to scientists. He also released a statement in which he showed that what happened had shocked the institution and the work I have This is a serious violation of the ethics and academics code of ethics.

According to the organization, its authority does not know the project and its nature.

In addition to asking for an explanation from him, the university has decided that an independent and international expert committee must be responsible for the investigation. For the parts, the ShenZhen City Medical Ethics Committee will do similar work.

Darren Saunders, the former director of the hospital where the experiment was conducted, has indicated that he does not remember giving permission to Jiankui He for that activity. "Experiments like this can make the field of research backwards. Science works under social licenses. Scientists work within limits determined by the concerns of the wider community. When these limits are ignored, there is a risk that understandable negative effects and fears can arise "that can push this field back in decades," Saunders explained.

Jiankui He He announced with great enthusiasm the birth with the health of Lulu and Nana, two twins who were genetically edited during the in-vitro fertilization process. The technique used for this task is known as CRISPR.

Incidentally, the second international congress in the human genome edition began in Hong Kong on Tuesday, November 27. Hopefully so I have make an appearance at the event. We have to see how it was received.


The only confirmation of the editing case is still Mr. Jiankui's statement and the examination papers from his working group. Although it's strange to think that in the end it becomes a lie or an exaggeration, chances are this shouldn't be ruled out.

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