They investigated the killing in a building in the city center in Neuquén


The prosecution of murder, which is responsible for Eugenia Titanti, investigating the killings took place in the morning in a building in the city center in the capital Neuquén. The victim's body, a 34-year-old man, was found in an apartment on the sixth floor with wounds to be stabbed and completely bleeding, according to investigators, the killer tried to set fire to the scene and then fled.

At that place, on Calle Castelli 235, a strong police operation was established, which was attended by the head of the investigation area. This is a complex of two apartment towers. Fact, which will occur after 4:30 and occurs in the building after it is accessed after crossing two blindex doors with internal pages between them.

According to the first information, police officers who arrived at the scene found thick glass doors from the two towers completely destroyed and the crystals broke from inside to outside, indicating that the criminals destroyed them in flight. From the door of the building, there was a trail of blood that stretched more than a block and a half and disappeared behind the high school sports beach that was at the corner of Brown and Matheu.

In addition to traces of blood found clothes thrown on public roads and other objects, inside the house there was burning furniture, which could not cause further damage. According to the first information, the victims and perpetrators were together in the apartment before the episode occurred.



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