Thursday , October 21 2021

They insisted that the Ctep militants were shot behind


The CTEP militia, Rodolfo Orellana, was killed in an attempt to take land in Ciudad Evita, a Buenos Aires party at La Matanza, shot in the back. This was confirmed yesterday by the attorney general of Buenos Aires, Julio Conte Grand, and Minister of Security, Cristian Ritondo.
Orellana, 36, was executed yesterday at around 6 am on a property located on Route 4 and the Riccheri Highway, west of Conurbano, in the middle of a battle between two groups wanting to take land. which added intervention by the security forces.
"We have an initial autopsy that determines the entry of a firearm projectile into the shoulder blade, with an exit hole in the face area, at the top of the nose," the prosecutor said.
Yesterday, the Security Ministry of Buenos Aires reported that Orellana had died as a cause of stab wounds. According to reports from professionals who examined corpses in hospitals, victims did not have an inlet or exit caused by bullets. There it was stated that he had two wounds: one shallow in the shoulder blades and one in the head, produced by sharp objects.
The hypothesis yesterday handled in Silver stated that Orellana had died in a fight between the two debated groups this morning, land taken. However, both Conte Grand and Ritondo explained today based on an autopsy that the death was caused by the impact of a bullet on Orellana's back.
The prosecutor added that it could not be determined what type of weapon was used in the attack because "projectiles not in the physical cavity and caliber would be difficult to determine". However, he clarified, the forensics working at the final autopsy would try to draw weapons profiles
Conte Grand also said that the intervention was given to the Internal Affairs of the Buenos Aires province to provide a list of Buenos Aires police officers assigned to guard the place and who did not carry weapons, plus troops from the nearest police station. that when the incident began, they went to "at least two patrol cars" to that place.
Meanwhile, Ritondo said that if it was proven that provincial police had some responsibility for Orellana's death "they would be sanctioned."

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