They found a silent computer attack that exploited the vulnerability of Wi-Fi


A computer security expert found a loopholes that can affect the number of extraordinary users: more than 6.2 billion. This broad reach responds to the fact that vulnerabilities are found on the Internet Wi-Fi chip who owns most of our devices.

Researchers tested one of the most widely used wireless connectivity chips on the market, present in videogame consoles such as Xbox and PS4, on Samsung notebooks and smartphones.

The worst: this vulnerability can occur activated without user participation, in an automated process that runs every five minutes.

Deep lump

In particular, vulnerabilities are found in ThreadX, real-time operating systems that exist in millions of devices. Specialist Denis Selianin discovered that this system could be implemented malicious code on the Wi-Fi chip.

Taking advantage of this security gap, attackers send malicious code via Wi-Fi to computers with this chip, remotely. As we pointed out, vulnerabilities are activated without user interaction while the component in question searches for available networks. With this way, the attack occurred regardless of the user.

Specialists note that there are currently no reports of affected devices. After disclosing this vulnerability, the company is expected to take action on this issue and launch patch need.


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