They find the body at Riachuelo: they investigate whether it is Carla, the woman disappeared in Pompeii


On the morning of this Saturday, the staff responsible for daily cleaning of Riachuelo found the body and warned the Navy Prefecture, which was present minutes later and confirmed that there were actually bodies in the water.

Research sources tell Infobae that the remains matched a woman and that the location of the discovery was only three kilometers from where the City firefighters were raiding, looking for Carla. They also reported that according to antenna analysis, it can be ascertained that there was activation of a young female device in Vera del Riachuelo and that is why today penggarukan was requested in the area.

This case is responsible for the prosecutor César Troncoso, who is already in the place where the remains are found and can confirm whether it is Barrera Soggiu. After a few hours, the body was moved to the morgue.

The woman, mother of two, has had an anti-panic button since December after reporting on her ex-partner, Sergio Nicolás Fuentes, for gender violence, which from the discovery, began to be monitored because they were afraid that he was harming himself. The man was detained in a sex offender pavilion in Marcos Paz prison.

According to police reports, on Tuesday, Carla activated the device twice and in two different areas, but could not be found.

On the same day as the loss, at 8:07 p.m., the first activation of the device occurred. After a brief communication with the missing woman, the woman realizes that she is "confused". At that time, they could not find it with GPS data.

An hour later, at 9:14 a.m., another key alert was received. The City Police communicated again with Carla and in the conversation he said that he was in a car where he could not give details and that he saw a road with a lot of mud. Communication was cut shortly after that.

Yesterday the latest picture of the young woman was released before her tracks disappeared. I was walking with a man in the Pompeya neighborhood, along Ochoa Street to bus stop on line 32. They were taken on Tuesday 15 at 19:35.

Alfredo, his father, believed that his daughter suffered from a kind of mental confusion and that in the midst of him he was kidnapped. "What I want now is for my daughter to appear," said the man, who refrained from specifically appointing anyone. "Today I suspect everyone," he said.


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