Monday , July 26 2021

They claim that Fher Olvera, Mana's leader, "will die" for cosmetic surgery

Fher Olvera, Mana leader, is one of the many celebrities who paraded through the last edition of the red carpet Latin Grammy Award and, in addition, he was encouraged to go on stage to give performances. Mexicans are one of the characters who receive more titles on social networks, though not because of the music, but for his physical appearance.

The singer, who took the award for People of the Year, is the center of speculation and ridicule for the alleged change in his face. A few days later, his ex-wife, Monica Noguera, he talked about it on television programs.

"When we were together (from 2013 to 2015) a very dangerous operation was carried out in Los Angeles, on the face, it was very painful because it was only surgery for the eyes and double chin. almost died because they cut blood vessels. The doctor cut off the vein that he shouldn't have and had three wounds in his throat, he bled, "said Noguera in the program First hand.

The singer's ex-wife asked her not to do aesthetic surgery anymore: "You don't need to focus on physical questions because he is a very big artist and great people who collaborate with human rights. Why is it so worried about physicists? "

"He almost died. He said nothing, but it was very painful. I repeat again: You don't need to do anything physically ", he concluded.

For its part, at the ceremony for the award of the Latin Recording Academy in Las Vegas, Olvera referred to his struggle for the rights of immigrants.

"I want to tell you that we will continue to fight for immigrant rights that have made this country extraordinary (for the United States). In the last century the difference has been so great. We will fight for Mother Earth, for women's rights, and we will continue to struggle to make songs from the heart and soul, "he said.

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