They arrested the school goalkeeper who was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old student – 21/1/2019


The keeper of a school in the city of Monte Grande in Buenos Aires was arrested, accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old student. Detention of crimes of sexual abuse and treatment occurred on Sunday after prosecutors forcibly considered the victim's statement in Gesell's room and after also found evidence of cyberbullying in chat rooms and social networks.

Complaints are filed before the end of the year and, according to accusations, treatment events occur between June and December. Then it matches the file, he is a victim of abuse in the laboratory Parish Robertson School on Monte Grande.

The verdict of the case judge to order detention stipulates that posting, chatting and photos make a note of the link made by the defendant with minors "manage situations of power, seduction and affinity with the aim of clearly attacking their sexual integrity, removing the relationship, establishing a bond of dominance and control in the crescendo, building conversation during school and after school hours ".

The case prosecutor, Verónica Pérez, will receive on Tuesday two other students at school They will declare and they will also become victims of the doorman.

"I was not surprised that this was the past, it caused distrust and discomfort, it seemed inappropriate, I had an attitude of greeting and embracing," he told C5N Mariana, an integrative teacher at the school.

The teacher recalled that "on one occasion he hugged my shoulder and said: I have never been with a woman like that. On another occasion he said," I love you so much and how beautiful his eyes are. "I commented with a few signals and they told me that some of them make distance ".

There is big commotion in the education community because the defendant was a person who had worked in school for several years and who had the love and support of all families when he lost his son in hospital in May 2016.


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