They arrested the most wanted woman in the country, fugitive for 14 years Chronicle


A 54-year-old woman, fugitive since 2005 when she escaped from a prison where she was serving a sentence for murdering her husband in 1998, was arrested again last Friday by Buenos Aires provincial police at the party of Vicente López.

The operation was carried out by members of the DDI San Isidro, who had captured what was ordered when he walked along Córdoba Street to 2500 de Olivos, north of the city of Buenos Aires.

Even though the woman changed her name, she told her "Marcela Beatriz Robledo", the work of the Scientific Police proves its true identity. That was before Graciela Mónica Hammes, sentenced to life for murdering her husband and fugitive for 14 years.

The incident occurred in June 1998 when several people beat a 46-year-old man to death, who was then taken to a Fiat 600 car which finally burned the victim inside, in the town of Benavídez, in Tigre.

Police investigation revealed that the attacking group was ordered byr Graciela Hammes and the one who died was Alberto Ortega, her husband, whom he had decided to kill to collect 100,000 pesos of life insurance.

In 2000, the defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment by Room I of the Chamber of San Isidro, whose court considered him responsible for "aggravated killings exacerbated by links, with treason and pre-planned matches with two or more people."

However, in 2005 he escaped. That was after his lawyer got permission for prisoners to leave the Los Hornos Criminal Unit 8. to visit his sick mother.

For this case, in 2015 the Buenos Aires provincial government offered prizes of up to 150,000 pesos for those who could provide data that enabled their detention.

According to records, Hammes is the most wanted woman in the country and the seventh person.


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