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They acknowledge that breast prostheses can have "rare and serious side effects" that should be studied further

International Confederation of Society for Plastic Surgery (ICOPLAST), which brings together entities 60 countries -including the United States, Canada and Australia-, released a statement at the global level where he confirmed that "breast implants are considered safe in general, although they can have rare and serious side effects ".

According to an international organization based in the Netherlands, "the most common problem associated with breast implants is Capsular contractures, implants, and implant rupture ".

The statement states that "side effects have been widely studied, especially in the fields autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis and rare forms of lymphatic cancer, BIA-ALCL ".

Regarding the last one –Anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated with breast implants explained that it usually appears with "rapid breast enlargement due to fluid around the implant (named & # 39;late seroma) This is diagnosed by studying cells in that fluid and, in general, it can be treated with surgery and, if indicated, with specific oncology treatment ".

The statement was disseminated throughout the world in the context of the impact of the investigation Implant file, led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICJI), of which 58 media in the world participate, among others, Infobae, The Nation and Profile, for Argentina.

In this work, which has been published since last Sunday in 36 countries simultaneously, be vigilant Weaknesses in health control in various countries in relation to implant safety and medical equipment used in patients, inadequate clinical tests before launching new models to the market, and concealment of the number of adverse effects.

The text is officially replicated in our country by Argentine Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (SACPER), and distributed this afternoon among our country's surgeons.

Followed by Infobae, Jorge Pedro, plastic surgeon from Hospital de Clínicas and Secretary of Communication for SACPER, explained that this type of lymphoma "This incident is low, but there is"." Each type of implant in the body produces an inflammatory tissue such as a reaction. In the case of a breast prosthesis, it is produced around a silicone capsule. Some of these lymphatic cells can become malignant and can be carcinogenic. In many cases, he experienced healing. "

He also stated that "there are around 500 cases identified throughout the world, in about 15 million breast prostheses placed" and that "official records are carried out by Australia and the United States".

Record breast implants

In its statement, ICOPLAST added that "autoimmune diseases (such as Sjögren's syndrome, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis) has also been studied in relation to breast implants. These symptoms have been termed ASIA syndrome or implant breast disease (BII) ".

However, according to international entities, "there is no conclusive evidence about causal relations, and further research is needed to evaluate each potential relationship between autoimmune / inflammatory syndromes caused by adjuvants (ASIA syndrome) and breast implants ".

In this sense, ICOPLAST warns that "more funding is needed to support research on BIA-ALCL and ASIA syndrome " and it "data collection through effective national registration of breast devices is an important part of this study ".

In this regard, international entities highlight that registering these breast devices, "combined with international collaboration, has the ability to significantly improve health outcomes for patients with implantable breast implants worldwide."

ICOPLAST highlights that "Australian breast implant registration (ABDR) is a model for national registries", which collects anonymous information about patients with breast implants. "International comparison facilitation from the results of this registrar, within the framework of international law for privacy protection, is activated through International Collaboration on Breast Registration Activities (ICOBRA), a national collaboration network for plastic surgery communities, breast surgery communities, regulators and researchers ".

Likewise, ICOPLAST highlights that "Women with these side effects must be taken seriously, supported and examined. BIA-ALCL is rare and, in general, easy to treat ".

Pedro assured, when consulted by Infobae, That "all this information is given to patients in informed consent". And even though he acknowledges that "to date there is no direct connection with cancer or autoimmune diseases, it cannot be completely ruled out in the future ", so "the subject is still being studied"

Mammae prosthesis, "like implants in the body, has a useful life and can cause problems, they wrap, or they can be damaged." Statistics say that 1 in 10 can have it, which is why we have patients with 10 years each, they have to change it, "added this plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience.

The ICOPLAST statement recommends women who want to undergo breast implant surgery, "make sure you are fully informed about reliable sourcesand he invited them to "register their implants and operations in a national database".

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