Tuesday , June 22 2021

"There is a zero possibility for the privatization of Aerolíneas Argentinas"

He responded to the guilds

The Transport Minister criticized the workers and was dismissed as an "irresponsible" strike carried out yesterday which caused the cancellation of more than 250 flights

The Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Dietrich, considers the strike of the aviation union to be "irresponsible" from sectors that "want to maintain the rights of being distorted" and reject the possibility of Aerolineas Argentinas being privatized.

"Again, we see the extraordinary irresponsibility of the aviation leadership, putting obstacles on people's paths and hurting Aerolineas Argentinas. Today (Thursday) all airlines but airlines fly, they don't understand the challenges we have to make it sustainable company, "Dietrich said.

After confirming that "there is a zero probability of privatization" from Aerolineas Argentinas, the official said: "In the end, they did not understand why they stopped." The only fact was that they finally stopped for what they called the assembly, and even though they said it was for an hour, it finally became ten. "

"The problem is that there is a system of historical privileges where they define who works and who doesn't.

They are distorted privileges, and they no longer decide on Airlines or other companies. We give a discussion against those special rights, "the minister said.

Likewise, he pointed out in a declaration to the Nation that "Aerolineas Argentinas's equipment is a permanent dialogue" and that the salary "increase" in the company "has become the best in front of every other activity".

On Thursday, the aeronautical guild They stopped activities for 10 hours which caused the cancellation of 258 flights and affected more than 30,000 passengers.

"It's not fair that 95% who don't use airplanes must pay Airline to work"President Mauricio Macri commented angrily during the ceremony during the day.

"The President (Mauricio Macri) is right, and in November we sent (equivalent to) two metrobus so the company could work and pay salaries, we came from a virtuous way, reducing subsidies by millions of dollars.

But the increase in oil prices and other variables (dollars) has made tickets and, above all, international flights have fallen, "he explained.

How much is allocated by the Government to Airlines

Subsidies for Aerolíneas Argentinas could reach US $ 200 million this year and continue to be an obstacle to official intentions to reduce deficits in public accounts.

Throughout the year, according to reports, the figure has been around US $ 185 million, the same level as the previous year and lower than the previous period.

In this scenario, President Mauricio Macri intends to advance in how to adjust costs, so this Thursday he questioned trade unions in the sector and pointed out that since the nationalization of the company, the State "must enter money every month so it works."

"All airlines that work here and most of the world do not require that citizens, in this case Argentina, enter money every month," argued Macri.

The government also intends to reduce spending on salary issues in this sector, which has received a response from the union, which stopped 258 corporate airlines after ten hours of meetings.

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