Thelma Fardn is a clothing line and with the results trying to produce change


Very difficult when Thelma Fardin He had to stand in front of the camera to publish the horrific story of his rape Juan Darths, the criminal complaint was made at the Nicaraguan Gender Court, which is being investigated, although social criticism of the actor was very strong, which is why he had to leave the country more than a week ago to protect himself in Brazil.

The phrase that resonates in all media and social networks is Mir cmo que semos, which arises from the same words the defendant revealed at the time of the terrible act, when the girl was only 16 years old, in 2009, Thelma was stronger than before and strive to help other women who suffer from gender violence, harassment or sexual harassment in any field.

For this reason, I promote a series of clothes bearing the name, they are Thelma, from the Carnal brand. The results will be used to fund vulnerable women, said the actress, very enthusiastic about this initial initiative that seeks to produce social and special changes for those who need it most. Meanwhile, the former Ugly Duckling does not stop holding his story on the network and will do it before the Judge when quoted.

Regarding this project, the Ona Saez brand appeared, which spreads on its website and social networks with "exclusive pre-sales" from the shirts with the phrase "Mir the way we use", symbol of feminism as its axis, at a cost of $ 690. made by the Carnal brand, designed by Emme Vzquez.

Made by women for women. The results will be used to fund vulnerable women without material resources to express their voices, explained Fardn from his official Instagram account that shows the model, which includes orthographic errors. Of course, I got support from other artists from the collective "Actrices Argentinas". Regardless of the good intentions of the young woman, the criticism did not take long to arrive.

Among the voices of refusal on the prominent social network was Sabrina Cartabia, Fardin's lawyer in the case of Darths' harassment being processed in Nicaragua. with brand publications that promote shirts.



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