Thelma Fardin's sister reappeared, with a strong message


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January 21, 2019

Carla Lescano, who has denied Fardin's criticism of Darthés, returned to express herself. His brother said about him a few days ago: "It's very unpleasant to see them use it."

Video: El threce

This Monday, Carla Lescano, sister on behalf of mother of Thelma Fardin, reappears in public through a strong message in which he reveals what his intentions are.

The young woman, who said about her sister "Darthés doesn't rape her", he talked with journalists Mario Thibault, which shares the message received in the Nosotros a la Mañana program.

"I prefer to stay away from all this. Thank you for not showing my photos. It is clear that savage commotion appears here, and I want to continue my life in anonymity, which is no longer so much" convinced Fardin's relatives.

He also stated: "I hope you will soon forget this, because as I said at the beginning, I risked my quiet life and my work. So here I come, I send you a kiss".

A new video from Juan Darthés and Thelma Fardin emerged and produced a debate on the network

Lescano said it was known only a few days after Thelma's own words, which had materialized "It is very unpleasant to see them use it. If the Judge calls all my family to declare, my whole family will testify. Regarding the cause, this week I made myself proficient and it was very difficult, because you revived the situation all the time, your story" in dialogue with Andy Kusnetzoff.

Those who also gave their opinions in the last hours were lawyers Fernando Burlando, who represented Darthés in a criminal complaint for the rape he experienced in Nicaragua.

Lawyers, in connection with the possibility of their representatives being present in our country, said that "if you will collect, as they announced, demonstrations in front of the Court, it seems crazy to me".


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