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(NEWS YES).Excessive screen time damages children's health and makes them more likely to have vision problems, being overweight and even cancer, warned of a new study.

Experts say that bad habits are equivalent to sweet drinks as a cause of obesity.

And the number of children who have become myopic has doubled in 50 years.

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The Global Fund for Cancer Research analyzed 80 studies of more than 200,000 people.

This research has fulfilled the requirements smartphones and tablets along with sweet drinks as one of the biggest risks for childhood obesity.

And being overweight can cause a dozen type of cancer, including: breast, large intestine, kidney, liver, ovary, pancreas and prostate.

Besides increasing the risk of dying young.

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The results of the study are truly worrying by considering junk food ads that catch these children who don't exercise make things worse.

Researchers question the causes of the increase but in children around the world and the answer is the same: the more time spent on smart phones, tablets and games encourages children to gain weight: that and sweet drinks are the two main ones.

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Sophia Lowes of Cancer Research UK to The Telegraph, said "the report was a highlight the importance of acting early to help prevent cancer. "


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