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The prize Meghan Markle gave at their first wedding sparked debate

A new scandal rocked the Duchess of Sussex. Now the debate is back for Meghan's first wedding gift.

Like every week, there are new scandals in life Meghan Markle. Is that now the Duchess of Sussex is the cover of some media but not because of her pregnancy with Harry, but it has to do with her past. Recently, going out to the British press, more specifically the Daily Mail, was an unfortunate event that according to the newspaper was related to the present Duchess of Sussex with marijuana on their first wedding day.

According to this media, the young woman, who later aspired to become a charming actress, allegedly gave several bags of the concoction to guests at her wedding. Everything was revealed when The Sun, another English tabloid, admitted to having access to some of his own emails Meghan He is proud of that.

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"They are already responsible. In the small one for the grass to put the shh", the same media continues to make references to several parts of the letter that refer to the stock market. Cannabis, at the time, was illegal in Jamaica where the couple gave & # 39; Yes, I accept & # 39 ;, so if that is true it will be a crime.

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