The private plane where Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala traveled disappeared


Emiliano Sala, after a great season at Nates, was acquired this week by Cardiff City with a clear intention to stay in the Premier League. The Welsh club pays 17 million euros (the most expensive transfer in the history of the institution).

The private plane where the Argentine goalscorer disappeared Monday night when flying over the English Channel, according to a French police source told AFP.

Sala, who was wearing an Orange shirt, Niort, Bordeaux, Caen and Nantes (all of France), was on a plane disappeared about 20 kilometers north of the British island of Guernsey.

The Argentine striker, who has 12 goals in Ligue 1, has returned to Nantes after signing a contract with Cardiff City to go to La Joneliere Sports City to say goodbye to those who were his partners until a few days ago.

Helicopters and Coast Rescue rescue looking for waters that divide Britain. So far the search has produced negative results, plus the fact that the weather conditions in the area did not help. Guernsey police reported that the rake was centered in the waters north of Alderney.

The last contact owned by Piper Malibu with the Casquets tower, which is located 13 km from Alderney, is centered around 00.30.


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