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The possibility of "bomba operations" in European football involves Mauro Icardi – 12/31/2018

Withdrawals are the order of the day in Milan. Mauro Icardi has not closed the numbers he offered for the renewal of Inter's leadership contract, the team where he became an idol and where his goals are worth gold. Sporadic statements from Wanda Nara, his wife and deputy, which highlighted the differences between what won Mauro and the other leagues forward, also helped clear the climate of tension. And suddenly it is possible that everything will improve with an operation that will turn the Italian team into a true constellation of stars.

It is no secret at this time that Inter, who wanted to regain the glory of Europe which finally remained very far (eliminated in the Champions group stage because they were unable to defeat the Dutch PSV who were eliminated at home, and did not win the tournament since 2010) and tried to seize football commando Italian ball to Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo is stubborn, will try to aim high in the passing market.

One tempting possibility is the addition of Luka Modric, who in early December was left with the Golden Ball and broke the hegemony of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Croatian Real Madrid player missed the Italian club shortly after the World Cup in Russia, but eventually the pass could not be realized. Now I will try to take new claws in that direction. But he will not be satisfied with that.

Corriere dello Sport cover.

Corriere dello Sport cover.

According to the Italian newspaper on the cover Corriere dello Sport, as Icardi's ideal partner can come from Real Madrid's Toni Kroos, a player who is part of the desire of Beppe Marotta, CEO of Inter. A gap like Germany will bring more football to the midfield which still lacks the leap in quality to compete with great European football players.

However, it cannot be denied that from Madrid they have other intentions. Not only because of the value held by Kroos, but also because they have expressed their interest in Argentine goals, in the space where the firepower of Cristiano Ronaldo is still strange since he went to Juventus to look for new challenges. For now, Karim Benzema France's contribution and the quality of Wales player Gareth Bale are not enough to replace him.

In a scenario where he has not sealed his new relationship with Inter, Icardi is a coveted gem for Real Madrid who, beyond the title in Abu Dhabi, lost his leg in the local league in the hands of Lionel Messi Barcelona and did not seem to have the same power that earned him three consecutive champions.

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