The pain of the teenage mother who was killed by a motorcycle: "That is a light for this corrupt society" – 12/29/2018


Matteo Daniel Villica was 16 years old and on Friday night he took the bus to do only seven blocks because he knew that traveling by foot at night was dangerous. I went to the end of the year the group I was attending in a parish, but before that I would find friends, so I would not walk alone. But as soon as he came down from 328, two motorcycle killers shot him in the chest to rob him.

"He is an extraordinary son, a light for this corrupt society," he said Clarin His mother, Alejandra Sánchez, was among the few words he found amid so much sadness. A few hours before he reached his Facebook post: "How sick it is."

Matteo and Alejandra, his mother, on his last birthday.

Matteo and Alejandra, his mother, on his last birthday.

Matteo left his house located in Argentina on 900, in Loma Hermosa (Tres de Febrero) and about 21 he took the bus line 328 to take housemates from a group of young people from Our Parish. Mrs. Luján Del Buen Viaje, who was present. On Friday they will hold a meeting ignore this year with church groups.

The teenager got off the bus on Avenida General Lavalle and Mansilla and had to walk 30 meters to his friend's house. Only a few steps are needed to get there when a 125 cc red motorcycle appears from nowhere. with two armed robbers. In just a few seconds, Matteo was shot to the chest and They took out their wallets with documents and cellphones. Motorbikes escaped and have not been identified.

With a gunshot, the neighbors came out to see what had happened and found the boy on the floor, covered in blood. A bus driver put Matteo in his private car and took him to the Zonal Agudos General Hospital Carlos Bocalandro, where he entered unconsciously. Finally, the teenager died while undergoing surgery.

Family members ask for help from witnesses who help find criminals. They knew that a boy wearing a white shirt got off the bus behind Matteo, but when he saw the thief, run in the opposite direction. They wanted to find it so they gave a description of the attackers to the investigators. "This is a busy area, I want people who see it to come out and declare," Alejandra said.

A pizza delivery man said that he saw two people riding a motorcycle approaching the stop where Matteo went, shot and fled. One version of the incident shows that the victim will give the items to the attackers, who before leaving they turned and shot him.

"In order not to go walking, the bus was taken, went down and intercepted it at 20 meters, and only ten meters ahead was the girl's house, always looking for it so she would not walk alone. He has that attitude"His mother said Clarin.

Matteo lives with his parents, Alejandra and Gustavo, and has older brothers and sisters, with whom he has a great relationship. He went to Technical School No. 3 and is a fan of Chacarita Juniors, like his father.

The group of friends is the same person he shares every Saturday at Parroquia del Buen Viaje, located in Ruta 8 and Brazil. There he participated solidarity activities and they organized parties and sweepstakes to raise money for the camps. He also used to gather to play soccer.

"There is nothing better than him. He always with a smile supports and entertains those who need it. He never had a problem with anyone. That is not to look for them, they always live with their friends. Everything is very close, "recalled Luana Martinez, a friend.

Experts conducting the autopsy determined that the young man was killed with a .22 caliber projectile, according to police sources. Telam.

The investigation was carried out by prosecutor Fabiana Ruíz, who was in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 2 The Department of Justice of San Martín, and the agent of the 5th station Loma Hermosa. This Saturday they analyzed the municipal security cameras to try to identify thieves and determine whether they carried out criminal attacks in the area.

Mobilized by the pain and anger that led to the murder of Matteo, a relative and friend of the child, along with the neighbor Loma Hermosa, they arranged the march for next Wednesday, January 2 at 7pm.

They will concentrate on Routes 8 and Avenida Lavalle and then they will mobilize "peacefully" to the 5 ° police station to demand justice for the crime and security of teenagers in the area. The call slogan is: "By Matteo. For our friends, family and neighbors to lose, victim of insecurity ".

The teenage crime the second in 48 hours in Suburbanafter Thursday afternoon two attackers killed a passenger on line 338 at Esteban Echeverría.


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