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The mystery of unusual statistics about Lionel Messi sparked geological studies – 12/31/2018

That Lionel Messi is capable of arousing all kinds of lust – generally positive – is something that is undoubted. Although what is unknown until now is that certain features of his career can generate interest from a branch of science that studies fundamentally the materials that make up planet Earth.

It all started when in 2015 some Catalan felt that Messi was less effective when he finished a penalty in an arc called the Gold Nord at the Camp Nou: of the ten he had dumped in the stadium, nine at that destination and only one at the Gold Sud. Mystery.

What can be the cause of such differences? Science seeks explanations that go beyond bad luck or metaphysical spells.

In an article published in number 52 of the journal of the College of Geologists & # 39; Earth & Technology & # 39 ;, which reproduces the Catalan site Sports, specialists in geotechnics and vocals from the College of Geologists of Catalonia, Albert Ventayol, glide that geology can have an explanation for statistical curiosity.

"Gol Nord is located in splinters, limestone, and other hard rocks from the Paleozoic period, covered by Quaternary sediments, while, in Gold Sud, the substrate is quaternary and formed by much newer bluish clay," Ventayol explained, adding that "Messi feels better playing on clay". Even allowed to make jokes on the subject, it would be even funnier for biology students: "Messi's nightmare is a deep Paleozoic substrate".

Seriously, Ventayol said that the area where the Camp Nou was was "great geological complexity" in Barcelona. He added that underground was used as filler during construction – between 1955 and 1957 – reddish, hard and thin clay combined, together with thicker blue clay in the Sud Gol area – which is preferred by Messi. And he pointed to it: "Even the basement of the Camp Nou is the Blaugrana".

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