The most unusual virus: take selfies with a roll of toilet paper


January 18, 2019

New trends are starting to get followers on social networks. With this effect, using rolls of toilet paper, faces resemble the shape of a moon.

toilet paper

After the big impact of the first challenge this year # 10 Years Challenging, This new trend began to place itself among the favorites of social network users. Far from involving uncomfortable or risky situations, The new challenge is publishing photos using a roll of toilet paper, pretending that your face is the moon.

It all starts with a "Meme" where they explained that photographing themselves with the scroll could be a month. Then the US page Buzzfeed He published several pictures and quickly this challenge began to be naturalized.

How to do it? You must take a roll of toilet paper from one end to place your face, while on the other you put the camera. In this way, your face will light up and the rest of the image will darken due to the roll. Taking pictures of your face will resemble the natural satellites that planet Earth has.

Roll Toilet Paper People

Many people have joined this new challenge using hashtags: #toiletpaperroll and #monselfie By entering one of these key phrases you will find a large number of faces "They become the moon".

But like a virus challenge, no one wants to stay outside, so they also add some pets that expose their faces to the camera with toilet paper rolls in front.

Animal tissue paper rolls

A decade ago he defeated cancer and was encouraged to publish his # 10ears challenge which surprised everyone


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