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The legend of Baldur's Gate, a video game that revolutionizes roles, dies and rises from the dead

-So you're looking Baldur Gate Huh? "The shaman narrowed his eyes and his face became a wrinkled mask between threat and satisfaction as he watched the adventurers gather in front of him." You are too young! "He brooded." You are not ready to accept that knowledge. "! –

"Enough game, witch!" The paladin looked sturdy, but his friends noticed the tension in his tone of voice. It was not fear (the Gizmodo followers did not know about that feeling), but impatience. They had been on a Virals beach trip for months to find the damned astrologer and now he was not in the mood to endure sarcasm and his theatrical performances.

"Short time," continued the holy warrior in a more peaceful tone. "In the third few months the moon will unite in heaven and it will be 20 years from creation Baldur Gate. We need to find it and understand why it is so important. The fate of the video game depends on it-

-Ahhhh! Videogames … … – The shaman's cunning smile vanished and his shoulders sank under the black cloak as if heavy and guilt from centuries of rumors suddenly appeared to them. He looked up, but his eyes were no longer fixed on those present. His mind drifted for a very long time. "Alright," he finally said when he rose from his throne and walked across the room. Halfway to the west gate, he stopped and looked sideways at the people gathered. "What do you know about the three doctors?" He asked, and a sly grin from ear to ear appeared again on his face.

Illustration: Wizards of the Coast

Three doctors who came from the north

Baldur Gate it wasn't even called that when the creator started faking it – he explained while guiding adventurers through endless tower corridors. Outside the rain subsided and the full moon light began to seep through a row of pointed arches that flank the corridor. Battlefield: Infinity And that was the project of three young Canadian doctors who joined a company called Bioware. Nor is that, actually, the first project. Before they forge another game called extraordinary Shattered Steel, but it's not about roles. That is a summary of strategies similar to Mech Commander

-I don't understand – interrupting a thief who is disturbed while memorizing a window with better access to slip later for some "little presents" – How can he be something so valuable? –

The witch stopped suddenly and turned to the party that followed him. His eyes reflected torchlight, but the supernatural gloom hid the rest of its features, didn't he? Three healers and their friends use the power of the scriptures from the role … Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition

The scriptures of the role

Time seemed to stop for a moment while the deep silence fell on the group. AD & D … Thousands of young souls have fallen victim to the evil book charm created by Archmage Zeb Cook in 1989. His name is only a whisper that is spoken with respect among scholars. It is a thick book (a set of them rather) that regulates the rules of millions of role play and which are defined even the same reality. Strength of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition He ruled unchallenged for decades until entering the year 2000.

Photo: Carlos Zahumenszky / Gizmodo in Spanish

Satisfied with the revelations he had just put on the minds of his visitors, the magician continued his journey and story.

– You see, Bioware works for a large commercial company called Interplay. When Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, Augustine Yip and other members of the group taught Battlefield: Infinity to their employers, they were astonished. The style of the game is very similar to that A & D Second Edition. There was an incident, a few years before, Interplay I have purchased an AD & D license from another so-called adventurer company Strategic Simulation

-What is that? Baldur Gate it's not even the first video game Dungeons & Dragons– meditating the pastor, who until then has maintained a wise silence.

"Nothing," answered the witch. "There are many people who try to bring the power of AD & D to video games. The first is Radiance Pool in 1988. Strategic Simulation heroes managed to form a very competent game, but the technology at that time was very limited and no one succeeded in making all the complex AD & D regulate it.

Another adventurous company called Westwood he managed to create a fantastic trilogy called Eye of the Beholder. Shit! I remember spending all night drawing the pencil game map, and checking the wall by wall of the maze to look for secret passageways. They are dark times, and video games don't always get the attention they deserve. Did you know that some poor kids from Calimport hyena translate "Polearm" into Spanish as "Multiple Arms" in Eye of the Beholder III? Some weapons … you have to …

-I don't want to look rude, magician, but we don't have time for that – cut the paladin again -What do all the grimoires and magic have to do? Baldur Gate? –

– Ah, young, impatient! It must see everything. Adjusting all the rules of AD & D to a video game is a very big task. At SSI they became so obsessed with that that they finally lost their trials and created such monstrosities Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, which already looks rather similar Baldur Gate, but in many cases it cannot be played. Baldur Gate has benefits because it has become the first video game that perfectly dominates the rules of AD & D. Weapon index, character abilities, spells, classes … Everything is there! but automatically becomes perfect.

He not only adapted all the AD & D mechanisms. He also did it with a very captivating story and unforgettable secondary characters. There is a hunter in a game that is not polite like you, it's just that it's much more fun and everywhere accompanied by a hamster –

Screenshot: Baldur & # 39; s Gate (Imgur)


With the last puya, the delegation arrived at the necromancer laboratory. Dozens of volumes and fearsome jars filled the walls. Stuffed animals and strange artifacts whose use only knows that individuals are marked here and there lines of endless books.

Heroes sit around a large oak table whose wood is blackened and filled with strange symbols carved with knives. After sitting down, the explorer noticed that the whole table. No, actually the whole room, it's a big pentagram. Intricate lines were drawn with salt and something that looked like dried blood flowed on the floor under his feet. His sixth sense, sharpened by years of living in the forest, shouted at him to run out of there, but had received a search, and the pay was more than generous.

The dukun sat in a wide leather chair in front of the table and his hand depicted the theater arc in the air. Five bottles full of beer suddenly appeared in front of those who gathered there.

– The launch of Baldur's Gate in 1998 was a success comparable to what happened Devil two years before, "continued the witch." Only in its debut sold more than two million copies, and that was the beginning of the legendary story. In 1999 the expansion of the game came, Tales of the Sword Coast and only one year later the sequel, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and its expansion Throne of Baal. Other companies like heroes Black Isle Soon they went to Bioware to look for that forbidden knowledge. The perfect adaptation of AD & D mechanics is used to forge other games that are now classic in their own right. The most prominent is Planescape: Torture (1999), Icewind Dale (2000), and Icewind Dale II (2002). There is even a game inspired by Baldur's Gate which began as a Kickstarter project Pillar of Immortality

– The youngest member of my brotherhood told the legend that there were two other games created to entertain – replying to the bastard licking his careful mustache after drinking in his beer glass

"And you are right, my friend." The witch stood up and approached a wrought iron wrought resting a black crystal ball. He took the ball gently with both hands and approached the table again. From the object began to emanate soft purple light – They were called Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance II, and they are forged to be used with two strong relics called PS2 and Xbox. Even though both are not as complex as their predecessors, I can personally confirm to you that they have one of the best cooperative console modes I've ever seen. Please … Come closer – the necromancer's voice has a strange evil tone – check it out for yourself –

The sorcerer brings the ball closer to the thief and he sees it nervously. Inside it rotates in misty circles, but when their eyes are fixed on them, they rotate and form images. Some golden letters say "Memory Card Configuration" …

Spells to stop time

One by one, the heroes sat in their chairs to approach the interesting ball on the table. While they watched, captivated, the pictures Dark Alliance, The necromancer sound is hypnotic in his ears.

Baldur Gate Not only did he adjust AD & D's rules, he also introduced new things which until then were very rare in RPGs. There are cycles of night and day, fog of war … Weather changes, and heroes can run out of steam if they don't rest. All player actions are translated into a reputation system that influences the way other characters in the world treat you. However, one of the biggest achievements Baldur Gate is changing the battle in turns and popularizing the actual combat system with a pause. During the battle, characters from the game act on their own thanks to limited AI, but players can change that at any time – Wizards stop – Just have to make a move …-

The shaman's fingers have stopped in the air on the keyboard on the table. His eyes watched the people present with evil light.

-TRATITION! – roaring paladin …

Before anyone could do anything else, the wizard's finger hit the bar.

And time stops.

City made with coffee beans

The air glowed and the lines crossing the ground were now burning with bluish flames, but not hot and the sound was not heard. The shaman rose from his seat and diverted a beer hanging in the air. His voice rumbled as if he were speaking in an empty cathedral. "You don't understand," he explained.Baldur Gate he's dead he's been dead for years. To reach him there is only one way – he starts making strange movements in the air with his hands – you must die too.

Heat waves and dazzling white light enveloped everything. In what looks like eternity later, the brightness decreases. The heroes find themselves sitting around a stone table in the middle of the park. The air is warm and smells of flowers. As for the sorcerer, he comfortably sat in his chair. He looked different … younger and looked at them with happy expressions.

The hunter is the first to break the silence, still dizzy. "I hate fighting with pauses. Why can't they just do turn-based battles, like in Final Fantasy VII? –

– What have you done? Damn astrologer – spit out paladin

– Looks like we don't die. Let him speak, "the priest cut his hand on the soldier's arm and stopped him from pulling the sword." You don't have much time, witch. Speak now or I will stain these flowers with your blood –

-Indeed, you are not dead, but you have, just like the game. The Baldur Gate The original cannot be played for almost everyone today. He died, you could say, but he didn't die long ago. The creator himself formed a new, smaller adventurer company called Beamdog with a simple goal: returning his creation to life. They call him Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and bring the original game and its expansion –

-What? You say that … the thief muttered

-Yes, you have a game in hand all this time and you can avoid accompanying me in this matter revival

– I thought I'd throw up – said Paladin

-You have a basin there. As i said. In 2012, necromantic efforts from Beamdog they paid off and Baldur Gate live again on Windows and iOS. Shortly after that came to MacOS, Android and Linux. That's not easy, huh? All original works have been lost, and those who have developed the game must rebuild it with reverse engineering and adapt it to the current platform. In the end, more than 90% of the game code was completely new.

Screenshot: Beamdog

Along the way they met with delusional challenges. The texture that forms soil rocks in cities, for example, is made with images of coffee beans. In the original resolution it didn't matter, but in the current team it was proven that it was coffee. They have to do a lot of graphics from the beginning. Apart from everything, they managed to revive the game and even expand: Dragonspear Siege


-What will be stored in the future? – Ask the priest when he finishes installing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on your iPad.

-I'll kill me if I know- the necromancer said finishing the last touch to his post -It's Friday. Now you have to go to the store and ask for a few rounds to celebrate. Today, September 30, 2018, we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the launch of one of the best RPGs in history. This is also one that you can still enjoy on your modern device. It's not something that happens every day –

-It is true-

– Don't say, someone stole your sweet bread – said the voice behind his back.

– We'll start again – said the thief.

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