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The last number of the Pity Pass card – 12/28/2018

At the end of the last meeting of River CD in 2018, all those present were able to take pictures with the Copa Libertadores which River won against Boca at the Bernabéu.

This snippet will still be recorded in the memory of each fan. Like the goal that closed the glorious round in the history of billionaires, running Pity Martinez for 3 to 1 will be remembered by all fields of law for centuries.

The cup will remain in Núñez for at least one year but Gonzalo Daniel will leave. And in that session where – for various reasons – there are trophies and the best players in the Galardo cycle, the number of transfers of soccer players that changed from being insulted to idols without scales, from 10 who played for that qualifier in important parties, from talents who changed goals to Boca who will never be exposed, exposed.

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And new things, beside the numbers, is that GM10 finally did not leave with a 15 million dollar cancellation clause but that was done by transfer. What changed this for the club economy? According to D & # 39; Onofrios and companies, quite a lot. And this is where you have to stop at the explanation listed by the leaders.

1) That if Pity passes the clause, in addition to 20% of the economic rights held by the player, they also have to reduce 10% to belong to Marcelo Simonian, a representative of Mendoza. Ptherefore, the club will pay U $ 10,234,000 net for 70% of the pass (U $ S 15,000,000 from the clause minus 30% of tax); On the other hand, with a transfer you will receive U $ 11,895,000.

2) The final number of operations is reached because the player and his manager release their fees for the pass made in $ 12,570,000 after deducting the fee ($ 2,570,000) they gave River $ 10,000,000 in cash. Although this must add $ 1,500,000, River will charge in two ways: a) if Pity plays ten matches as a starter in the next edition of MLS or, fails, when Atlanta United transfers it again. And for US $ 11,500,000, the realization of friendship with the US team will extend the final sales figure, reducing the US $ 500,000 commission to be paid to Simonian himself to manage the transfer, au $ 11,895,000.

Now, explained when I explained it, there would be no shortage of fans who thought of it a 25-year trip from Mendoza that does not have a community passport is cheaper compared to others who do not even have current and future choices. Thanks to the poor for everything he gave River and the lack of offers would be an argument that fans would understand?

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