The last message sent by Emiliano Sala to a friend on the flight


Emiliano Room move towards Cardiff come from Nantes on a private flight to start his performance at the Welsh club, with which he signed a contract a few days ago. However, the plane never reached its destination.

The single engine light aircraft (Piper PA-46 Malibu) lost contact on several islands English Language Channels, located west of the coast of Normandy, the last dialogue was recorded with the control tower of Isle of Guernsey carried out at an altitude of 2,300 feet.

Since then, search operations have begun which take more than 15 hours and more disconnected at the last Hour because it was late in the area. This will continue at dawn on Wednesday.

After the news, the speaker was one of his former colleagues from Bordeaux Diego Rolan. The Uruguayan spoke with the program The Voices of Soccer Radio 1010 AM (Uruguay) and revealed: "Emiliano sent a message to a friend from flight and He told him that he was afraid, that if they did not find it, they already knew what had happened"

The data provided by the South American striker is in harmony with what was said Nicolas Pallois, The Nantes player who accompanied the Argentine to the airport. According to the French website 20 minutes, Sala was worried about the flight, since he returned from Cardiff with the same plane and trip "I have been nervous ".

On Monday before traveling, the 28-year-old forward had lunch with players from Nantes to say goodbye. There, although he was pleased with his arrival at the French players, he was also surprised by the trip, because of his experience on a flight back to France.

Private aircraft take off on Monday at 7:15 a night from the airport Nantes Atlantique from French headed for town Cardiff. In the Piper PA-46 passenger list the single-engine Malibu is the name of the goalscorer Emiliano Room, but little is known about the rest of the flight participants.

The flight was headed for the capital city of Wales, but within an hour of commencing its journey, the plane communicated with the Guernsey Island control tower for the last time before disappearing on the radar near the lighthouse Casquets. He asked permission for an emergency landing when he was at 2,300 feet, but then don't issue more messages.

Guernsey police swept more than 1,155 square miles and were located "several objects floating in the water", although he could not determine whether they were the remains of a plane.

The inspection area covers boundaries Jersey Island, that Guernsey and one Alderney, located to the west French Normandy Coast but depends on United Kingdom and with a population estimated at 100 thousand, including three.

Channel Islands air search director, John Fitzgerald, gave his first impression of what happened in an interview with the portal So feet: "If you are truly underwater, I will tell you that there is no possibility of finding them alive." I went swimming a few days ago and stayed for 30 minutes. The temperature of the water is too cold, people who drown may not survive more than one. hours, unless you have protection. "

That room recently occupied the cover of several European media to become the most expensive contract in the history of Cardiff City, he passed clubs like Orleans, Niort, Bordeaux and Caen, before reaching Nantes, where he stayed for four seasons.

That's where he stands out, leaving a record of 12 goals in the last 19 Ligue 1 dates, where he struggled to become a goalscorer next to Kylian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani and Neymar, leaders with 17, 14 and 13 cries respectively.


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