The last known picture of Carla, the woman who activated the panic button twice and disappeared


Carla Soggiu's family, friends and close friends were desperate because they had not known anything about him since Tuesday night. From the witness statement, only a picture of the woman could be found walk with someone in the Pompeii neighborhood.

According to the security camera records obtained by the National Park, Carla walked along Ochoa Street to bus stop on line 32. They were taken Tuesday 15 19:35.

This Thursday, Carla's neighbors marched on Nueva Pompeya square, at the intersection of Sáenz and Traful to claim their appearance.

Ochoa road registry.
Ochoa road registry.

The 28-year-old woman disappeared on Tuesday night, having blown twice the panic button she had for the threat she suffered from her ex-husband, who he criticized for gender violence and rape. This is Nicolás Fuentes, arrested since December 27 because of a brutal attack, in which he was accused to tie and rape Soggiu.

Carla's last contact with her family it happened at 18 on Tuesday, when he communicates via telephone with his mother to tell him he will go home. According to his environment, he suffers from hydrocephalus, which is why he has a valve in his head, which will increase the risk of life if there is a possibility of a blow.

One poster circulating on social networks is looking for data about Carla.
One poster circulating on social networks is looking for data about Carla.

Because the police confirmed that at 20.07 on Tuesday his panic button was activated, a patrol car was sent to his house and he was summoned. They also showed that they talked to him, who said he was confused. "At 21.14 there was another activation where there was new communication, where he said he was in a vehicle that he could not provide data, on a dirt road with lots of mud," they added.

When leaving home, he wore a black T-shirt with short gray sleeves and white letters, blue jeans and pink canvas shoes. He has a piercing nose on the right side and butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder.


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