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The government is renewing its current plan from 12 to April 2019

As a step to encourage consumption, The government announces that they will continue to implement the Now 12 plan, which allows payment by credit cards in installments 3, 6, 12 and 18, until April 2019.

Product range achieved from Thursday to Sunday for this payment package including: clothing, footwear and leather goods, materials and tools for construction, furniture, bicycles, motorbikes, tourism and mattresses.

Previously, from their Production and Labor portfolios they told us that during this summer renting tents and umbrellas at the spa on the coast of Buenosairean could be paid with credit cards in 3 and 6 installments.

Besides that, both of them Banco Ciudad as a Province and Nation announced a series of discounts of up to 50% for items such as hotels, spas, cooking skills, shows, fuel, car maintenance, clothing shopping and food ingredients on the Atlantic Coast.

The program Now 12 began in 2014 and according to data from the Ministry of Domestic Trade has collected more than $ 339 million in sales channeled through this program. That step is one of the few State policies that are maintained with changes in management.

Expectations for summer are to help increase domestic consumption. Especially considering that there will be a lot of domestic tourism as a result of increased overseas travel for accumulated 107% devaluation in 2018.

The blow to the pockets throughout the year was one of the main reasons why it was decided to keep the active quota plan, because most of the products in Now 12 had imported inputs or came from the food industry, which from the Government understood that they were most affected by falling consumption.

The latest Christmas sales data released by the Argentine Medium Business Chamber (CAME) showed a 9% decline compared to last year.

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