The first "cheap" service station arrived in Neuquén


The battle of suppliers is one more step from entering a new stage in the region. Voy company announced that it would open the first "cheap" service station in the region between March and April.

The release of fuel prices, as of October 2017, was slightly weighted in the final price results because after the exchange of running registered naphtha over the past year rose to 70%.

But the strategy of oil companies to gain greater market share has been reflected in regions and countries, not only with differential values ​​depending on cities and even areas where each station is in the same city, but now they also bet to attract more customers with special discount.

Voy's signature, from Refipampa, defines itself in this scenario as "the country's first low cost", because the brand promises to always keep prices lower than its competitors. At present I have an expenditure mouth for the agro-industry sector and a station in Junín, Buenos Aires province.

But the company plans to open 25 new service stations this year, one of which is planned in the city of Neuquén and the other at Cipolletti. In total, the company plans to invest around 160 million pesos in the opening of a new station which will also include the provinces of La Pampa and Buenos Aires.

The "low cost" system offered does not consist of reducing the services provided, but instead focuses on low-price policies, which are added with special promotions, which can be accessed through a proprietary mobile application.

This week the company launched the "Commitment Voy" program, where they ensured that they would offer grade 2 fuel to March at lower prices than other stations in the same location.

This reduction in selling prices is possible given that it is an integrated downstream company, because they have a refinery located at La Pampa and its own logistics and transportation network.

As a result of rising prices that have rocked the pump over the past year, the Fuel Exchange Rooms of Río Negro and Neuquén have warned that some changes in the habits of buyers have been identified.

As they explained, there are some drivers who still ask to load the full tank and most of the sales go for a round amount like 500 pesos. While the majority of consumers choose electronic payment instruments, such as credit and debit, both in search to finance payments, and to avoid high cash payments.

In number


That is the increase registered by Premium type diesel in Neuquén over the past year.


a one-day reduction in a week is an offer that has just launched one company with a presence in the area.

Puma makes a point in the discount war

Efforts to attract as many customers as possible with special discounts for a limited period of time are classic strategies of sectors such as hypermarkets, but for several weeks have also gained a place between service stations.

Puma Energy has just launched a 5% discount for super and premium naphtha prices which will be applied every Wednesday to the end of February.

Like the Voy campaign, Puma Energy's strategy aims to increase sales in the high season service station that is on vacation.

This promotion for all payment instruments is added to what other companies have done, such as YPF for a while, but for customers who have special discount cards.

Meanwhile, since the end of last year it was also seen in the city of Neuquén how several companies had begun offering different values ​​according to the location of their service stations.

To find out the value of each sales station, there is no need to travel around the city but can be seen through the website from the former Ministry of Energy Nation, also available as a mobile application.



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